Магазин оригинальные кроссовки Nike в Харькове

Nike store in Kharkov - original sneakers!

Today, the original sneakers are an integral part of any person’s wardrobe, emphasizing style and personality. Originally created for sports, this accessory has become so firmly entrenched in everyday life that it has become a necessary part of many subcultures and just an obligatory style of shoes for everyone.

Companies such as Nike and Air Jordan offer a huge selection of models with a wide variety of characteristics and design solutions. The most popular and extraordinary models of the original Nike and Air Jordan sneakers are available at the Nike store in Kharkov.

Shoes of these brands won the confession and love of the best athletes of the world due to their convenience and wear-resistant qualities. All brand technologies are aimed at creating the most comfortable footwear that supports the foot and allows its owner to feel comfortable in the most extreme conditions at the highest overloads, and at the same time to meet the highest environmental standards.

Nike store in Kharkov - original sneakers

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Ukraine, Kharkov, st. Chernyshevskaya 1 (Marianenko Lane)


+380 (63) 993 39 90
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Until recently, sports shoes were an integral part of the wardrobe of people who dedicated their lives to sports. But modern fashion trends dictate their own rules. At present, it is hard to imagine a person in a wardrobe, which does not have everyday, sports and the most unusual sneakers.

Such popularity is due to the fact that the company Nike cooperates with the best designers of the world, the development department is always on the crest of a wave of new trends, moreover, taking the first place in the world for the production of sports shoes, the brand is the main founder of fashion trends.

Sport and a healthy lifestyle at the peak of popularity. Today it’s fashionable to be in shape and watch yourself so everyone in the world is so fond of sports shoes. Due to their quality in use, behavior under maximum loads and wear resistance, the original Nike sneakers are very popular.

In the USA 95% of sports basketball shoes are produced by Nike, together with the best basketball players of the world, such as Michael Jordan and James LeBron, the company develops a line of shoes, characteristics, and whose design has become a symbol of quality and style all over the world.

The company is a continuous fighter for the environment in the production of footwear. All production capacities are changing every day, corresponding to increasingly higher standards. A leader must always do more so that the Nike brand sets the rules of the game.

Just like you set new limits to your achievements, new barriers to overcome them, so Nike sets itself, sometimes, seemingly impossible goals. The company’s innovations are aimed at what is needed, that the athletes could achieve their goals, no matter what. Every millimeter, every second, every gram plays a huge role. Buying original Nike sneakers in a store in Kharkov, you get the best product in the world. Lighter and more durable, designed specifically for athletes, this shoe will allow you to reach new heights today.

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